Magento 2 introduced the concept of UI elements which are extensively used in the admin. The grids are ones of those and have a great new feature: bookmarks. Bookmarking is the ability to save the current configuration of a grid (filters, columns order, ...) in order to retrieve this configuration when you log back in or when you select it from the "view" dropdown in the grid header. But, while developing, you may make mistakes that will break the grid and display a "Attention Something went wrong" modal box.


Go to your database, find the ui_bookmark table and remove the line where namespace matches the grid your having troubles with and where identifier is current.

Debugging example for the filters in the products list

Filters for the admin products list is defined in Magento/Catalog/view/adminhtml/ui_component/product_listing.xml, the <filters name="listing_filters"> node. This node has a child named <item name="storageConfig" xsi:type="array"> which declares how the filters configuration persistence is managed:

  • the <item name="provider"... > node tells Magento where to find the persisted configuration. The persisted configuration is a JSON object.
  • the <item name="namespace"... > node tells Magento the path where is stored the configuration in the persistence provider.

In human words, this means: "the configuration of the filters is stored in the .current.filters "object" of the product_listing.product_listing.listing_top.bookmarks persistence JSON.

Let's now find the product_listing.product_listing.listing_top.bookmarks persistence! This product_listing.product_listing.listing_top.bookmarks is nothing more than a path matching to an XML path:

  • the product_listing.product_listing part targets the UI component with this name. See Magento/Catalog/view/adminhtml/layout/catalog_product_index.xml where there is this UI component declaration: <uiComponent name="product_listing"/>. The reason why product_listing is repeated in the product_listing.product_listing part is still unclear...
  • then the listing_top.bookmarks is easier. Just understanding it like each of the "objects" of this dotted expression is a node in the product_listing.xml file with the corresponding name attribute :
  • listing_top matches <container name="listing_top">
  • bookmarks matches <bookmark name="bookmarks">

Once you found the <bookmark name="bookmarks"> node, you can find its child <item name="namespace" xsi:type="string">product_listing</item>. And the namespace here is what is found in the namespace column of the ui_bookmark table.

So, at the end of the day: when you have the "Attention Something went wrong" modal box, try to find the corresponding bookmark and have a look in your DB! When you edit the config column, you will find the persistence JSON object. And, when there are active filters, you will also find JSON data that, when parsed as a JS object points to... current.filters as stated in the <item name="namespace" xsi:type="string">current.filters</item> node of product_listing.xml.